Saturday, February 16, 2008

Views of Tokyo 2

Odaiba is situated in Tokyo Bay across the Rainbow Bridge. It is a large artificial island, which has become a major tourist attraction, shopping centre & home to some big businesses since mid 1990's.

The other feature that caused me to check out this area was finding out it had one of the world's largest ferris wheels - after reading Matthew Delooze's recent article this was not to be missed.

The area has an abundance of monuments which speak for themselves as well as a number of high tech shopping malls.

'Venus Fort' is a Venice themed mall complete with marble fountains & artificial sunsets every 30 minutes, all the shops are geared for women (apparently shopping is our only pleasure in life).

There is another shopping mall called 'Sun Walk'. There is also a large concert venue (in keeping with Matthew Delooze's energy farming ideas) and a Statue of Liberty which was very popular with the Japanese tourists I saw there.

The golden 'pointy thing' is the other monument designed by Philippe Starck as mentioned in my previous post - I have not yet found out what it is.

There is no feel of anything Japanese in this whole area - it has a non-human feel, as if it's all for display - which I rather think it is.