Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The re-enchantment of enthusiasm

For a very long time we have been born into an artificial structure, geared for the dissection of the self. A cleverly designed & ruthless system that feeds itself through the effects of education, media, parenting & societal formulas as much as by the ripping out and gutting of our creativity, passion & human juiciness.

I have never liked 'reality'. I have never felt at home in the constrictions, rules & regulations that apparently go with being a human being - if you will excuse the phrase 'it's all a load of bollocks'.

Within the past year a strong sense of fun & enthusaism has been rekindled in me. I was a little hesitant to write of this, as it smacks of the 'cult of positivity'.
But this is more bollocks. Positvity is a forced and mass marketed idea, a tasty looking sandwich with a plastic filling.

The word enthusiasm comes originally from en 'in' & theos 'god' and meant 'the state of being inspired by a god'. For my part, I view it as a sign of the returning of the Goddess, and see it as a gift to be embraced and then put to work.

Enthusiasm takes you outside of your small self and allows you to join whole heartedly with something you feel passionate about. It generates a fiery energy that can be used as a method of propulsion.

For me it generated the energy to leave behind eight years of static living and propelled me to Hawaii. The sense of achievement & enthusiasm generated by that holiday (most assuredly it was a 'holy day') has led to openings, meetings, possibilities & forgiveness.

Those who work for the return of beauty (as in the Navajo sense of wholeness & balance), deserve this same embrace by the Goddess. I am concerned sometimes for the seriousness that can pervade this work.

The world of separateness demands struggle & pain because it effectively paralyses us.
The passion that is returning to humanity absolutely needs to be expressed through our bodies, do not fear the humming of enthusiasm in your bones.