Thursday, May 1, 2008


I was in two minds about posting this but a couple of synchs on Aferrismoon's blog re zoo's & goats decided me.

Yesterday in the early hours of 1st May, a boat was hit & sunk in Sydney harbour. The boat was overloaded with a group of partygoers who'd been celebrating in the wee small hours.
This craft was hit by a lobster boat near Bradley Head which is home to Taronga Zoo. The boat was taken from an area called Balmain and belonged to a company called Sydney Ship Repair and Engineering, which operates from Goat Island.
It seems the celebration was a farewell party.

The night-time cruise sank close to the scene of another cruise - Tom Cruise.

The headland at Bradley Head was used for shooting scenes from Mission Impossible II. The house seen in the film was built on that location, and removed after shooting was completed. The plot in MI2 revolves around a deadly virus called Chimera; "a thing of immortal make, not human, lion-fronted and snake behind, a goat in the middle, and snorting out the breath of the terrible flame of bright fire"

The paper goes on to state that the harbour has claimed 11 lives in just over a year & later states that 22 people have died on the harbour in the past 7 years.

I've started taking little peeks at the front pages of newspapers, something I have previously avoided. I can't help but notice the phrasing used, how very leading and sometimes sinister.

How about this from NZ Herald regarding one of the injured (check out the name);

Head of intensive care Dr Ray Raper said he might not survive. "Miracles can happen, and that's the sort of realm we're talking about."
Also interesting is how often people are called on to be looked as heroes. Since writing about Edmund Hillary and the ANZACS & seeing the directions given by people of note to view them as Titans / heroes, I've been a bit curious as to why.
When I looked at the three prior boating fatalities in Sydney Harbour I found a strange sporting link.

On 9th March, 2008 Peter Eagle, a 51 year old speed boat racer, is killed in a crash on his way to the Superboats Grand Prix. Eagle was the coach & father of national water-skiing champion Lauryn Eagle.

On 28th March, 2007 a ferry collides with a private vessel killing four & seriously injuring three. All four who died were members of the ice-skating community, including 14year old champion skater Morgan Innes.

On 5th January, 2007 the RiverCat Dawn Fraser crashes into a small fishing boat. A man dies a few days later from injuries. Dawn Fraser is an Australian Olympic gold medal winner.

When I heard of the sinking I immediately wondered if it was near Luna Park. In fact it was not too far away. The incident with the Dawn Fraser was however very close to Milson's Point - home of Luna Park - the creepiest damn place I've ever been to. I'm biased, so I've chosen the worst damn image I can find.,GGLD:2005-12,GGLD:en

I went to Luna Park last year & I still feel uncomfortable thinking of it. I couldn't get out of there soon enough. My two companions did not like the place either. On the day we were there was what seemed to be a conference going on, and very strange it seemed to have men in business suits walking through a children's theme park and being let into a building by two 'bouncers' with walkie talkies. (In the picture above Luna Park is diagonally across from the Sydney Opera House under the far side of the Harbour Bridge. Bradley Head is also across from the Opera House and just beyond the right frame of the picture))

I have since found that Luna Park has a nasty ghost in it's past - a fire on a ride which killed 7 people in 1979.

What all this means I don't know. My visit to Sydney last year drew my attention to many things and it seems that I should make them known when I can.

You have no idea how impossible it was that I should have gone to Sydney last year. That event & the timing of it just blows me away.

Anyone who is looking for truth has a job to do. If the desire to do something is with you the opportunities will come.