Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fan-(ta)-see a good tail

I love books.

The library is one of the few places I feel at home in. I seldom feel richer than when leaving the library weighed down with new treasures.

The other day I was drawn to book newly delivered by the stork called Mind Fields. It's filled with fantasy images by Jacek Yerka combined with the stories they birthed in the mind of Harlan Ellison.

Twice now I've dipped into this book and come up with a synchronistic match in my life.

Firstly while working on a recent post Do you see what eye see I found the Serpentine Sea just when I needed it, in a tremendous little tale called Eruption.
Yesterday as I sat frustrated trying to get my Internet connection to work I found Ellison Wonderland, one of those delightful, unforgettable tales that knocks loudly on the edge of your mind (you'll just have to read it to understand the synch - it will work just as good with your life as it does with mine).
For me it echoed the wonderful movies Dark City & Cypher.

For what it's worth if you're in the vicinity of a library on a rainy day you might like to see if it's in stock & open to a page, any page and see what it has to offer your hungry mind.

As I write a little fantail has been darting about in the trees outside - they have got to be one of the dearest little birds in the world & I couldn't resist incorporating him in the title.