Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The news on the radio at 12pm to day announced that Sir Edmund Hillary is to receive an award today - the auspicious May 22.

Again & again this year, this man who has not been left to rest in peace, is trotted out in one form or another.
It seems 2008, which was his 88th year is of major importance. Today his wife will receive the Padma Vibhushan in his name. The Padma Vibhushan is India's second highest civilian honour, it consists of a medal and a citation and is awarded by the President of that country. Apparently it was awarded two weeks after his death. India's minister of commerce and industry is in New Zealand no, so it's happening to day.
I gues he can join that other famous adventurer & explorer - oh bloody hell I nearly missed it - I was just going to say Indiana Jones but of course it should read - Indiana Jones.

Just what are they going to call on him for next.