Tuesday, May 13, 2008

curiouser and mercurius(er)

I am sitting at my desk spitting tacks.

Now that's not how I intended to start this article but I put a lot of time & energy last night into writing this article & this morning I find it has all disappeared, so I need a quick scream aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh & bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

OK deep breath.

A short while ago, Gavin from Atlantean Times posted a comment on an article I wrote saying that there was a Mercury alignment coming up on the 14th May & that he had a bad feeling about it. A couple of days ago that date clicked & I recalled that Elton John is doing a 'one only' concert in NZ, right here in Auckland on 14th May. Depending on your feelings about the man you may or may not think that Gavin was right.

Seriously though Gavin's feeling was enough to make me take a little look. In wiki I found this;
"On November 24, 1991 Queen singer Freddie Mercury, a close friend of John's, died of AIDS. [Elton] John was one of the few invited to attend the singer's private funeral services."

OK you may say, you know that, & surely I can't really call that much of a coincidence, but I suggest on this little (second) trek it is a marker.

Elton is playing at the Vector Arena, near the waterfront in Auckland City. The Vector Arena is apparently named for one of it's sponsors - Vector Limited (I'm not up on the corporate world but I would have thought that other sponsors wouldn't be too happy about that).

"Vector Limited is a multi-network infrastructure company in New Zealand. It is the number one provider of electricity distribution." Vector used to be known as Mercury Energy.

So we have a big show in a Mercury Arena on the night before Mercuralia - what's that you say (well had you read my previous almost finished article you would have known - bollocks, sorry).

The Mercuralia is the festival of the Roman god Mercury & takes place on the 15th May. Seeing as how the concert goes on into the night I think it's fair to say that the energy of the concert will certainly spill over into Mercuralia. Why not have had the concert on the 15th you say if something is afoot?
Well one reason could be that Wednesday is named for Mercury, you can tell by the similarity in spelling. Check out the first couple of paragraphs.

Now I should give you a quick run down on Mercury (again).

In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods, as well as being the god of the 'business world' & thieves, I jest you not. In fact if there was a god for Freemasons I would pick this chap.
He also guides the newly-dead to the Underworld & carries the dreams of Morpheus to sleeping humans. He does other things as well to but for now we'll stick with what we've got.
Mercury is virtually a carbon copy of the Greek god Hermes.
In art he's portrayed as a shapely lad who looks as though he may have been an early inspiration for the first 'flashers'. I could get carried away here & mention that Freddie Mercury & Queen supplied the soundtrack to the movie Flash Gordon.

For this concert to matter I have to tie it in with the location. In this case Auckland, NZ.

I remind you that NZ seems to have some importance in 2008. A couple of months ago a bunch of very famous heavy metal bands swooped onto NZ, took part in what I believe was a dark ritual & then fluttered their bat wings & vamoosed. Really, it was bizarre, why on earth would you ferry the dark cream of the heavy metal world to the edge of the world. It wasn't so long ago that people thought NZ was connected to Australia by a bridge. Do you need a moment to check your atlas?

Elton is playing his one off concert in Auckland. Although he has played in other venues in NZ over the years, he has not played here, the largest city in the country, for 10 years.

A few more subtle connections to NZ. Elton John did a recent charity gig for the 'Hillary Clinton campaign'. You will remember that Sir Edmund Hillary died in January this year. Ellis Taylor made a comment that there was only room for one Hillary & in the research I've done regarding him this year I feel inclined to agree. Certainly both characters are known by the name Hillary.
So I'm a wondering if tonight's concert might not also be in a similar vein to the Clinton fundraiser but this time raising energy - an energy scoop.
"Hillary Clinton’s got a very close Mercury-Saturn square". I recommend a wee read of her astrological profile - it's not long.

So Hillary Clinton dances to a mercurial beat. I wonder if Elton is playing Her Song tonight.

Continuing... Edmund Hillary died aged 88. The number 8 certainly seems to have some significance.

The planet Mercury flits around the sun on it's little winged heels once every 88 days.

88 also features as a design on the NZ$5 note - the note on which Edmund Hillary appears (and did so even before his death).
See here for more in depth write up of Sir Ed.

The atomic number for the element Mercury is 80.

Returning again to Elton we find his records on the Mercury label.
Now that I am a little more educated than I was a few days ago, I find that the song Rocket Man tends to make me think of Project Mercury. This was the program that ran from 1959 to 1963, and whose goal was to put a man into space. The newly created NASA was it's daddy.
Seven astronauts were chosen. If you grew up in the 70's then you are intimately connected with their namesakes - the five Tracy boys from Thunderbirds were named after five of the astronauts.

I found Gordon Cooper, one of the astronauts rather interesting. He was launched into space in the Mercury-Atlas 9 on May 15 (have you been paying attention? - that's Mercuralia) 1963.
He orbited the Earth 22 times (not 21 or 23, but 22 times).
At first I found the following little tidbit completely unnecessary. If you took a mercurial glance you might miss it;
"He also gained the distinction of becoming the first American astronaut to sleep not only in orbit but on the launch pad during a countdown.”
However remembering that Mercury is the god who brings us dreams from Morpheus, it seems to me yet another reference to our swift friend.
"He retired from NASA having flown 222 hours in space... During the 1970s, he worked for The Walt Disney Company as a vice-president of research and development for Epcot."
Surprise, surprise he was a Master Mason (member of Carbondale Lodge 82 in Carbondale, Colorado) and a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite. He died on a date I'm becoming extremely familiar with - October 4 - which means??? come on every one together now 88 days till the end of the year & among other things the day that in 1957, Sputnik 1 was launched. He was 77. I'm a bit bemused at the number of famous people I come across who die with their age as a master number (two numbers the same). If you'd like Gordon Tracy oops I mean Gordon Cooper's full story go for your life here

We can't leave space without a quick trip to the planet Mercury. Mariner 10 did it, the magically requisite three times during 1974 - 1975.

This year on January 14, three days after the death of Sir Edmund Hillary, MESSENGER succeeded in it's first drive-by of Mercury. Now you may think I'm a bit thick but I didn't get that at first. You see NASA told me that MESSENGER stands for MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging and while I thought it sounded bloody weird I didn't think any more about it until discussing yesterday's finds with my very obliging son and there it was. You can choose to believe what you like, but our boy Mercury is the 'messenger of the gods', and by being so, I have to wonder what message he is conveying or collecting on his drive-bys. He's going to get up close & personal two more times - there's that magical formula of 3 again.

The earliest known records of the planet Mercury are from the MUL.APIN tablets about 14th century BC. Babylonian records date back to the 7th century BC, they called it Nabu.
"The Babylonians called the planet Nabu after the Messenger to the Gods in their mythology" (Wiki). Here again is the term Messenger. I also found this about Nabu
"His power over human existence is immense, because Nabu engraves the destiny of each person, as the Gods have decided, on the tablets of sacred record. Thus, He has the power to increase or diminish, at will, the length of human life."

Returning to Elton again I am reminded that his middle name by deed pole is Hercules - the Roman version of Heracles, and I have to say, to my mind, a bit of a bastard.

There have been a few personal syncs to drive my curiosity on this little tale. I found that Elton's first number one hit on his own, in the UK was "Sacrifice" - this being the subject of two recent articles of mine, (there's another in the offing). Then I also found that Reg Dwight officially changed his name on May 7th - what's the chances of that. (Come on I can't do it all for you).

In numerology the number 88 is a master number. The infinity sign twice. Here's a nifty little look at the number 8

I wonder if I've covered everything. But it's getting on & I've got dinner to make - scones with cream & jam tonight - well why not, it's been a long day.

I'll leave you with an archaeological mystery.
"How is it that an ancient tele of Mercury should be seen holding Elton John's glasses?"


Apologies, I meant to include this musing. A few years ago I read a book by by a psychiatrist named Shakuntala Modi called Remarkable Healings. In it she claimed to have found possession by disincarnate entities in many of her clients. I knew about stories of possession from the bible, but in this modern world we all know better! She made a very convincing case & I have never forgotten that book. Some instances in particular were most intriguing - stories of the recently dead trying to reach out to their living friends to comfort them & being pulled inside their friends bodies & unable to escape.

When I read Elton John being at Freddie Mercury's funeral, I wondered just a little. As I progressed with this tale, my thoughts turned to Edmund Hillary. In particular the little 'ceremony' held for him in St George's Chapel at Windsor. If you believe in the afterlife, then it's pretty likely that you believe in the tunnel of white light that opens up after death - the story is repeated often enough. But what if that is far from the only scenario & that spirits can be bound here by accident or on purpose. Matthew Delooze makes, to my mind, a very good point when he suggests that the word 'amen' stands for Amen-Ra & that by repeating it at baptisms, weddings & funerals you are making a kind of contract with that energy & not the guy with the big fluffy beard who sits on a cloud.

Edmund Hillary's funeral took place in Auckland & his ashes were spread in the waters near here. Elton played his concert last night in Auckland & at the waterfront - my feelings remain that some type of Mercury energy harnessing of & for Hillary took place at that time.

Here are some interesting ideas for your own mind to play with. Scroll down for Shakuntala Modi. I've not read all of this yet, just think of it as some little 'idea snacks'.