Monday, May 25, 2009

a world, a part

The 'Western' "stern (n) c.1300, "hind part of a ship, steering gear of a ship" world has been in the driving (steering) seat for quite a while now.

Yesterday I got an email at work that reminded me of how un-average the supposedly average human being is.

I was also delightfully reminded that while rules "rule (n) c.1225, "principle or maxim governing conduct," from O.Fr. riule, from V.L. *regula, from L. regula "straight stick, bar, ruler, pattern," are to do with putting life on a manage-mentally convenient straight & narrow course, life is about quirky travels with quirky people in quirky situations.

I was not able to transpose the pics on my email, so I've come up with an assortment along the same lines. Although the following pictures do not denote the hyped-happy lifestyle of successful western living, they do show that when boundaries are not finely drawn, they can be pushed a lot (creatively) farther than we may think.

I found this line at My Favorite Monsters & thought it very apt;

"...nor do we recognize the irrationality of this world and its frauds: that it lies to us."

The pics above reminded me that there is no 'right' way to live & that choosing according to what serves me best, rather than by say how it looks, is an ok concept.

Un-average humans do not all live in the same kind of homes & drive the same kind of vehicles & work the same kind of hours & live the same kind of weekends. Un-average humans are spectacularly creative & inventive & know that impossible things are the best kinds of challenge.

So how many people do you reckon you can you get in your car (or on your bike) then?