Monday, July 7, 2008

knickers re-visited

I was at my martial arts class earlier this evening & there was a bit of chit chat before we got underway.

Into this chit chat the trigger word 'cancer' reared it's all to hypnotic head - it seems that yet another member of the human race has succumbed. The news was received in the hushed reverence that I have come to despise & the word 'chemo' set off the understanding nods that now greet it wherever it's toxic little name is mentioned. In keeping with my original post on this topic I silently murmured my own incantation of 'knickers' in the hope that some of the poison might be diluted.

This is the second time in a couple of days I've heard of someone being placed on this particular 'death row' & I'm concerned at the level of acceptance & head nodding that greets it's uninvited & unwelcome presence.

If I hadn't already written an article on this topic I would be doing so now - but seeing as it is already a fait accompli & because I felt a strong urge to re-present it - I'm posting it here.
One point I forgot to mention when I wrote that article was that I checked out the library to see how many books there were for & against cancer - the day I was there, there were 33 books about living with & accepting cancer & 1 lone volume daring to question it - I don't like those odds so I hope you'll join me in saying 'knickers' to cancer.