Thursday, June 26, 2008

The test of time

A bit of tooing & froing via email with a man I greatly admire led to a comment this morning that he thought the 14 year old he had once been would probably have approved of who he'd become.

I really liked the sentiment & tried it out on myself. Hmm ...yep not too bad, now that I've come out of the closet & chosen to question the questionable. Then I went one step further - a 14 year old is heading toward 'grownupsville' - the drive has been somewhat curtailed. So... what would my 7 year old self have to say - that was different - oh f**k, hang my head in shame. Ok well not all bad because at least I got off my sleeping ass & went to Hawaii, Sydney & Japan - but now what - 7 year olds don't settle for what you've done in the past they want to know what are we going to do now, and a whining "I haven't got enough money" is just not going to cut any mustard.

My 7 year old self would be inventing new locations, drawing pictures, playing games, using make-believe to create many worlds - she would be horrified to think that I no longer do that -inconceivable that I should forget how to play.

All too often we spend our time trying to impress others, in truth I never stopped before to think if who I have become would have impressed the full on little person I used to be.