Friday, July 30, 2010

for the sake of passion

Update: Mission accomplished.
Kudos to Alex, the Celtic Rebel for opening up a topic
so badly in need of mending.
I had a load of fun & the time flew by

On Sunday night I shall again be dropping by the Celtic Rebel's ...

... Top Secret Underground Command Bunker.

We're going to broach a topic that needs some serious healing ...


It's is a very tricky topic.

I've mulled over it for a looooong time.

I have never quite been able to get a 'handle' on it.

I think now I know why I got stuck.

I think the relationship between the sexes was designed to be that of dance partners.

Dual majestic forces, swirling ...

Dancing to rhythms our hearts have forgotten ...

Igniting beauty ...

... igniting joy

igniting life

Extraordinary partners in an extraordinarily important Dance Hall

... Therefore one sex cannot possibly 'figure out' (or even out figure), the other.

But ...

we can meet somewhere ...

... perhaps even in an underground bunker & endeavour to reconnect with the rhythms that our souls & soles are craving.

There is under-recognised power in honestly voiced words.

I watched Lenon Honor's documentary on the Gulf Oil Spill & somewhere along the way ...

... the toxic spill of that story evaporated from my consciousness.  It was there one minute & gone the next.

I know not about the 'reality', but my mind is clean again.

"To owe one too"

My son told me of how for a while the whole 2012 'thing' had gotten into him.  He told a friend & it got into his friend too.  The friend researched.  Somewhere along the way this friend made a light-hearted comment ...

... that at least they'd get two years to play a long awaited video game.

Something in that sentence extracted the poison from my son.

It interests me greatly, this therapy that comes through the release (real ease) of internal pressure. 

There seems to be some exquisite healing agent that exists within honest expression - something our hearts & souls can easily digest. So many times I have found salvation through the utterance of glorious, powerful, open and/or funny statements.

That's the kind of dance the Rebel & I will attempt on his show.

Enough said ... till the Celtic Rebel's Show on Sunday 1st August at 11.00pm Eastern US time.