Sunday, July 11, 2010


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The Chess Bjord of the Underworld

In the meantime, the re-searchings for this future post have taken me into numerology territory & I've borrowed numerologist extraordinaireEllis Taylor's knowings of the number 8 & fleshed them out with images.

Numerology is not a theory; it is a science that has revealed amazing facts. Every single day since I first came across it I have been astonished by its insights and accuracy.
Ellis Taylor


Number 8

 ... is about power ...

...and wielding and weaving it ...

... in a controlled, self centred, self-satisfying OR aggrandizing way.

Government, law, military, elite, playing the game

... finance, business, religion, media, playing the game

... fraud, extortion, playing the game

censorship, editing, subversion

... mind, intellect

... instinct, memory

Medicine, growths, cancer, surgery, injection

Corpulence, nourishment

... Generation, regeneration ...


... programmes, reports, schedules

... circuits, tracks, routes, trains, delivery

... flow, currents

conveyors, coils, spirals, links, spin, gyrations, energy, power production

Machine, robotics, computers


... inheritance, genetics, same, duplication, cloning

... attention, criticism, victimisation, guilt

... accumulation, collecting, adoption

... focus, eyes, illusion, distraction, impersonation


Extrusion, pumps


... intrusion, invasion, disruption

... collate, merging, marriage, collision, intercourse

... connections, links, binding, chains, attachment, contact

karma, justice, balance, scales

Mirror, shadow, 'as above so below'

repetition, keeps on ...

Security, protection

Baptism, Sacrifice, Suicide

Construction, manufacture, structure

Motorcycles, trucks, engines

... Systems, efficiency, organisation, control, opposite, separation, stress, duress, discipline

In nature such things as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, avalanches, wind, cyclones, floods, tsunamis and (cosmically) comets, are to do with 8.

Response from Ellis Taylor:

"One thing I noticed in the comments...infinity...though a 'dead' 8-type-figure is used to symbolise it, (as I suggest in the article): 8 stands for interminable rather than infinite. 8 is never free."

Above info taken from the excellent Ex Sept in F8 - An article in "The 2012 Mega-Spell Exposé series" - which includes Number 8: Ringmasters - Gate Keepers & Gate Crashers

Additional: Returning to the ideas of the last few posts - here's a snippet form my great friend Michael Skaggs that includes some interesting descriptions of the sun.

Plus some words from my great friend Devin (My Favo(u)rite Monsters)
"Among the limitations of the central metaphor of "light" are the ... categorical differentiation between the light source and its light."