Monday, December 1, 2008

"A Tragic Coincidence"

I don't listen to the news or read the papers so finding things out comes under the 'later or never' category.
Thus it is, that I have only just learned of what the newspapers are calling a "Tragic Coincidence'. I myself am in a serious state of wtf 'ness.

A few days ago an AIR NZ Airbus crashed off the coast of France killing all 7 crew on board. A small death toll you may think & indeed it could have been much worse. The thing is it happened on the anniversary of our national air disaster 29 years ago. Although the incident took place just off France on the 27th, in New Zealand, it was the morning of the 28th November.

We are a small country with a very small population & an almost clean 'bill of health' when it comes to aviation accidents. The Erebus crash in 1979 shocked our whole country - it was our first ever serious aviation disaster, all the more devastating because of the story behind it - a change of co-ordinates in the middle of the night which led to a plane full of sightseers flying into the slopes of Mt Erebus in Antarctica (in Greek mythology Erebus is the gateway to Hades).

"The crash of TE 901 profoundly shocked New Zealand. In such a small country, virtually everybody knew, or knew of, somebody who died when the widebody DC10 airliner crashed into the lower slopes of Mt Erebus on Ross Island"

"Just hours before TE 901 left, in the dead of night, the final waypoint for the Antarctic flights was changed by Air New Zealand’s flight operations division from the spot in the middle of the sound to a beacon near the McMurdo airfield. The effect of this change was to shift the flight path 43 kilometres to the east, on a direct course towards Mt Erebus, an active volcano on Ross Island. Nobody told the crew of the change. It is clear from their comments, preserved on the cockpit voice recorder, that they believed at all times they were flying in safety over the flat McMurdo Sound, not over the adjacent Lewis Bay towards the mountain."

For full details & if you have the time, here is a link to the article I wrote earlier in the year.

(I'm sorry but I didn't know how to put pictures in the body of the article back then, in case it looks a bit wordy)

The 'coincidence' & wtf'ness of this crash has taken me on a journey back through a number of the articles I've written about over the past 10 months.

Back in March, a band of dark magicians-musicians swooped into NZ for a rock concert on no ordinary date - the chosen time was the vernal equinox of the Easter Weekend. It was a huge production, no expense spared. WETA Workshop Studios who created the special effects for 'Lord of the Rings' (which was of course filmed here), designed & built the sets.

It was advertised thusly " This Easter will see an event never before experienced on the planet at any place at any time!" In this very out of the way, corner of the world, a fiery extravanganza was held over two days - the bands that flapped in were Kiss, Ozzy Osbourne, White Snake, Alice Cooper, Poison -plus NZ bands Sonic Altar, The Valves & Symphony of Screams.

Perhaps these are your favourite bands, no problem, my question back then, as it is now is why come here?? Why come to somewhere so out of the way & it wasn't for scenery because they buggered off as quick as they came. I can't see how they'd have made that much money - that's a heck of a lot of big names to share the proceeds with. At the bottom the linked article above is a link to an article by the very knowledgeable Ellis Taylor who also spotted the 'strangeness'.

What I felt at the time was that some ritual took place on our shores. Less than two weeks after that fire festival, a huge fire destroyed a cold storage building - killing one fireman & injuring 6 more Total = 7
And couple of weeks after that a flash flood washes through a canyon killing 6 teenagers & their teacher Total = 7

"The amount of water that came down the canyon is particularly unusual. I've never seen it rise in that short a period of time in the 24 years I've been here."

I noted that the teacher was 29 years old - Erebus was 29 years ago.

I wrote about both events at the time. And now when I should be contemplating making dinner, yet another 'coincidence' springs to mind. Back in 1985, the Greenpeace flagship, Rainbow Warrior was bombed in Auckland Harbour. Until a series of coincidences led me to look into this I had, like all good Kiwis, simply accepted the story we were told. The official sauces sorry sources 'informed' us that the French 'did it'- we accepted this because we 'knew' Greenpeace were being a bit of a nuisance by protesting about about the little nuclear tests that the bastards were conducting in our backyard (apologies to any peace-loving French people). We were pissed off at them & so it all kinda made sense - until you do the wtf that is!

Good God this is turning into a wise woman marketing article, however should you wish to read about the Rainbow Warrior & some wild (wise?) ramblings then you can click here

Anyway the reason I brought that up was the 'coincidence' of the link between sinkings - one caused by the French in NZ waters & now an Air NZ plane lies in French waters on a very specific date in NZ history.

Also we have the similarity in the crash - I still feel churned when I think of Flight 901, I've read the black box transcript, they thought they were somewhere else & were at very low altitude as they flew directly into the side of Erebus.

As for this recent crash:-

"A gendarme who raised the alarm after he saw the plane go down said he watched as it suddenly went into a dive while flying at a height of around 300 metres."

I am reminded too that there is now a linking between France & Antarctica - both now have a koru resting on their shores

" The koru is the Maori name given to the new unfurling fern frond and symbolizes new life, growth, strength and peace...Koru can also refer to bone carvings. Those generally take the shape of the uncurling fern plant. When bone is worn on the skin, it changes colour as oil is absorbed. The Māori took this to symbolise that the spirit of the person was inhabiting the pendant. When someone gives a pendant to someone else, it is the custom that they wear it for a time so that part of their spirit is given as well."

Like the Rainbow Warrior, a symbol of peace becomes a symbol of death - here lies the tail (with koru) of Flight 901 on the slopes of Erebus.

More & more I become aware of repeating patterns, they seem to be repeating in smaller circles, or perhaps that's just me. Once I would have looked just for a conspiracy, but ever since looking at the sinking of the Lusitania, I have wondered if it is repeating energy, because just how much can be planned? And if it is repeating energy, perhaps there are those who know how to manipulate that. Perhaps a small event in time & space is enough to send some kind of ripple that will create a domino effect that seeks out well worn routes. Just speculating - trying to move a little closer to a place & understanding so we can step out of the human zoo we seem to be have been trapped in for far too long.

Additional: I can't believe I nearly missed this - sometimes you just have to say things out loud!
I mentioned to my son that I was just about finished 'my article' & he said "which one?" - as he knows I've been a busy beaver today. So I replied "the airbus one" followed by "oh my God!!" - this whole synching with the crash 29 years ago just came full circle because when you say 'airbus' out loud it is but one tiny syllable away from 'Erebus'.
While I realise there are airbuses aplenty in the world, I just found this completely amazing.

Airbus - Erebus