Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The effect of the media, at least on me, was brought home very sharply this morning as I caught the tail end of the news as I arrived at work.
Six teenagers & their teacher on an outdoor education trip have been killed while canyoning. I feel gutted and close to tears, while on the other hand hearing about the fire (see previous post) days after the event left me unmoved. Driving to work this morning I was actually constructing a comment on this to add last night's post, as I was worried it may have sounded flippant.

The students aged 16-17 were part of a 40-strong group on an outward bound river trip with the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre near Turangi, in the North Island.
Finding Edmund Hillary turning up yet again has somehow added to the distress.


So one dead and seven injured in a fire & another seven dead in a flood.
Are we looking at events called up by the dark ritual carried out in the willing town of Wellington over the equnox. I think so.