Sunday, April 20, 2008

by George!

There has been some mention of the Order of the Knights of the Garter lately on both Aferrismoon's blog & my own.

Comments posted on an article at Thuther Thoughts yesterday mention the pomp & ceremony of the Pope's USA visit. Actually before I go on any further, I have to say wtf... after years of regulation guilt & self-denial as proclaimed by the Catholic church, never did I think I would see the day where 'our great leader' would become a 'movie star' . It is only recently that I have come to honour a long stay in hospital, many years ago for the de-programming opportunity that it was - I never went back.

To return to the point, the comment about the Pope mentioned his meeting with 24 survivors from 911. My mind skipped sideways, and I recalled that the Order of The Knights of the Garter are limited to a maximum of 24 members. This order is one of the most prestigious of it's kind in the world. A huge amount of pomp & ceremony is attached.

The 'Georginess' (read Saturn) of this order is extraordinary - the patron saint is George, it's spiritual home is St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle & on St George's Day (23 April) new Knights & Knightesses are named.

Not to mention all members are... "required to assemble at Windsor on the eve of the feast day. The Knights and Ladies put on the mantle of the Order and the Greater George and go to St George's Chapel for a service of thanksgiving. They then sup at the Dean's House. On St George's Day, the members attend a lunch in the Waterloo Chamber
Then all go in procession to the Chapel for service wearing the full robes of the Order, including black velvet hats with white plumes, and any new members are installed. On the day after, the mantle only is worn. The Garter itself is worn throughout. The Greater George must be worn on all official holidays, on Ascension Day, at the funeral of a member of the Order, and when a member of the Order is created a Peer."

See here for full story - though personally I recommend just reading first few paragraphs & then looking at the pictures.

If you just want to look at pictures (& I quite understand) go here

With St George's Day looming on the horizon and a heck of a lot of pomp & ceremony spreading across the world I suggest a brisk climb up to the crows nest.