Friday, August 20, 2010

things to tell

The time has come for me shuffle sideways.

There are changes going on in my life & I take them as the final signal to try something new & yet the same.

My patience has been much tried with blogger over the last few months - something nasty has gotten into my html woodpile.

Creativity demands it's right to flow & by god, flow we will.

Right over to Wordpress

I've been over there working on an article which is almost ready to fly & it's been a dream.  I've transferred the rest of my blog but due to changes in look - past articles may need some artificial respiration. The new blog is still formative & I haven't transferred over my links yet ... been too busy having fun :) I'll leave this blog up & running for ease of reading past articles.

I have dearly loved this blog site & it's taken me a while to let go & move on

... BUT creativity is such a wondrous here & now thing, that past loves can never satisfy.

My new site is here.

My thanks to the Creative, I mean Celtic Rebel for pointing the way to the Wordpress 'front' door.

Speaking of whom, I shall be visiting Alex's Top Secret Subterranean Bunker again on Sunday night (22nd August) at 11.00pm US eastern standard time (3.00pm Monday NZ time) to continue our attempt to make friends out of programmed & carefully cultivated enemies - men & women. Surely there can be nothing more ludicrous & wicked in this ridiculous world than that women & men be at each other's throats.

The electric connection of the sexes is what explodes life into more life.

So why on earth ...

... would we be turning viciously upon each other, & into ...

... weapons of mass destruction?

We're chatting live on Oracle Broadcasting Sunday 22 August at 11pm US Eastern Standard time