Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ellis the Tailor

This morning I tried on an unmissable woven fabric by Ellis Taylor. He has sewn together a multi coloured cloak of lunar fabric, sows ears & star spangled gods & goddesses.

You know how it is with syncs, they often come a-calling a few days in advance when there is something to pay attention to. Thus it was on Tuesday past, my eye was caught at the library, by a book about Ellis Island in New York.

When I had to click out of this post wee while ago, it was at 11.22 (my time) - you will find the number 33 aplenty in his article. LOL I just looked at my time again & it is now 12.12pm.

Here's a link to "A Year of Tears & Tears"

Ha! ... would you believe as I finished editing the time showed itself as 12.21pm
Many thanks Julie for sending me the link.