Saturday, June 27, 2009

A foggy day in Auckland

Yesterday I had the spookiest synch I've ever had.

I followed a rather fanciful trail & struck a pot of radioactive gold at the end of it. The pot was murder, literally, so not something I got all excited about. Then I got too close to a radio & was further radioactively bombarded, this time with news about Michael Jackson's death.

I had thought I would be making use of this weekend to continue my current research, but yesterday's events have rather taken the wind out of my sails. It seems the wind has also been taken out of the 'City of Sails' (Auckland) for today we have had a most unusual ongoing fog.

I went out for a walk earlier to clear my head & took my son's camera with me - apologies for the picture quality, although the batteries are new, the camera suffered water damage on the ark.

These images are from a rather picturesque area called Northcote Point - the point from which our Harbour Bridge arches across the sea before setting down near the city of Auckland.

Peeking out from under the Harbour Bridge & across to today's fog carpeted city

The outer overhangs of the bridge are know as the 'Nippon Clip-ons' - the bridge was built in 1959 with four lanes, which just turned out to be four too few.

The year that man may have landed on the moon, four new lanes landed on our harbour bridge courtesy of Ishikawajima-Harima Industries of Japan - hence the Nipponese terminology.

Below is a view looking out from the opposite side of the bridge...

where a bus waits for ferry passengers

What used to be a very common sight - the corrugated roofs of many a NZ home. This one decorated in the 'she'll be right' colour shade of whatever paint was found lurking in the garage. The house I live in sports the same elegant shades, though with a little green medley thrown in for extra contrast.

... Well the tree house may have been repossessed, but at least they left the furniture

The green, green grass...

I love things like this - the overhanging branch of this Pohutukawa has been left in place, but a sign has been affixed to it to warn low flying pedestrian heads

An old wooden church. Mostly our houses have always been made of wood, although the new fake cement type is gaining quite a bland foothold.

Something very fishy about this - a War Memorial with a watcher

the letters 'wtf' did spring rather hastily to my lips - is this a sign, is Sponge Bob to be the next celebrity sacrifice? And how will they do it? and just what the hell is going on here ??

House with white picket fence

La Ma(i)son (Lodge) with white picket fence

Here is something I've never personally come across before - orbs (& loads of them) - I thought I was just taking a pic of a kiwi style house.

There are some faintly visible in this last shot too of the Northcote Tavern (& no it's not rain).

Thanks for coming walkies with me.

If you've been going too hard out on the news over the last couple of days here is a clip to hopefully lighten you up a little - one of my favourite comedians doing 'Twistory' -history with a twist.