Friday, April 24, 2009

Why do I remember?

Today in New Zealand (& Australia) it is already the 25th April & therefore ANZAC Day again.

I was going to let it go by but my sister informs me that all the shops are shut until 1.00pm which means I cannot get my Saturday morning treat at my favourite cafe until then. Now this may seem like a trivial & selfish complaint & indeed for anyone who follows the forced unenforced guidelines of society, this is exactly what it is.

IF however, your mind is a little on the open side you may have wondered why it is so 'bloody' important that we 're-member' the sacrifices known as War.

I've recently been doing some reading about time & the suggestion that the past is fluid & can be changed - one of the biggest thoughts that has sprung to mind with this concept is that IF this is so, does it help explain the enormous energy that has been put into creating & 're-membering' the sacrifices, err sorry I mean wars of the last hundred years? Or does it at least show that there was something very important in their occurrence? What in history can compare to the psychic assault of WWI & WWII? Why are there monuments in prime positions all over the world that remind us to 're-member'?

Anyway I thought that for anyone who has not read it & as a gift of truth-seeking to those who suffered & lived or died, that I would repost 'The Sacrifice.'

May all, living & dead, walk in truth & beauty.