Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Four words

I am here today courtesy of a wise spider.

This particular arachnid magi bit me on the toe on Sunday. My toe was getting painful & infected so I took myself off to the doctor last night & now when I would normally be attempting to stay awake in a sterile office, I'm home with space & time & quiet to read & think & question. My adopted cat is asleep on the mat at my feet. For these free hours I am an unrushed, spacious, wondering human.

One of the books I'm reading at the moment is about finding values - could be classed as "New ('Mew' if you're a cat) Agey', but I'm enjoying it & it has synched in with my leonine journey.

Anyway I read something the other day that I wanted to pass on.

A short while ago I brought up the subject of 'needs' with a friend at work, because the traditional answer to what we need to survive always pisses me off - you know the 'food, water, warmth & shelter' answer. "What about fun" says I - imagine if fun was a need'!

So returning to my book, the writer suggests that living is NOT a need, because we can choose to die (all too often people do). What a freeing notion don't you think - living is not a need! I guess it makes it a value. Anyway the author goes on to quote another who believes there are four main requirements for life - & these I adore -

Love, Fun, Mastery & Freedom

My choice in understanding what is being said is that 'in order to value living & thus desire to live, these are the absolute essentials'.

The addition of 'mastery' is exquisite is it not? For what can compare with the sense of delight that comes from personally creating or learning & achieving that which you most desire.

Anyway I'm off back to the couch to read & think & muse some more.