Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wondering weirdly

I have been very lucky lately fishing for info down the internet river, in fact my boat's fit to sink, so I've come here to unload a little.

Earlier today I hooked a phrase that I had only recently contemplated myself - served up here without much explanation this this may seem like a fish out of water but why not come along anyway just for the ride.

This is the phrase I read today;

"According to legend Isis used Horus' repaired Eye to bring Osiris to life in the underworld. Is Earth the underworld?"

So let's wonder a bit weirdly - "Is Earth the Underworld?"

I'm no expert upon creation myths but I've done a bit of reading in the course of my travels.

Mixing myth & wild speculation in an earthenware bowl I have been wondering about the significance of the Sun - well we know it's important, damn important to this world, but also it's so hysterically historically important. Think of those blood spattered Aztecs who had to keep the sun on course by chopping out human hearts or the Egyptians with their obsession with Ra or even Christianity's very own Son (Sun) of God.

Many creation stories tell of a time of darkness when Earth & sky were squished together & all was in darkness.

As I've had such luck fishing lately I thought I'd serve up a feisty little fish dish with a cheeky source just for a Sunday evening treat.

What if humanity or the souls or spirits that we in essence are, hold a light within us? And what if a world existed where there was no light? What if light-bearing souls (us) were tricked or trapped into this dark world & what if with our appearance, 'light' ie the sun was born?

What if the sun rises & sets with the appearance & disappearance of these light bearers (us) as we sleep?

What if sun worship, sun symbolism & sun sacrifices are all part of a clever method to keep the sun creators stuck in a world they do not belong?

What if we are the light of the world?

If,... if this is the underworld, how differently would you look upon it? How important would success or flash house or flash car really be, if our location, location, location was depressingly subterranean?

What if the gods, those god awful gods of mythology, were the harbingers of our fall into this dark place? Perhaps they needed some lamps for their palaces & human glow worms were the in thing that year!

Could the extra activity happening on the sun now simply be us waking up? Could we harness our own solar energy enough to give us a way out or through?

Do the ptb need to keep us dumbed down because they can only handle so much of our light - is that what all the media, food, pharmaceutical etc. drugging is all about - dimming the light to manageable proportions?

These are just some thoughts on a Sunday evening to free up some more mind-space for my next article. Thanks for sharing a bit of wondering weirdly with me. Please feel free to add your own.

All the best to you.