Saturday, March 15, 2008

The poster of the satanic ice-cream

My apologies, but this article is 'arse about face' as it followed on from a conversation with a friend. If you start at the end & work your way up it makes more sense.

(Ok, now try this one... It wasn't as obvious as the first one, but I had my suspicions, so I just lifted my glasses & hey presto. Sorry this is a bit disorganised, I was planning to do a post on these at some time)

Previously: One day I'll figure out how to put pictures in the order I want. This is just a quickie. The 'artistic' impression below is the face that literally jumped out at me every time I passed the bus-stop poster shown below.
This is the second time I've found this style of hidden image. The first was in Sydney last year. Both times, two lines of large, densely placed lettering are placed one on top of the other & create teeth. Then shading, colouring or objects are used in the ares of eyes, nose, skull etc.

I believe the writing that makes the teeth is the most important feature, and then the picture making parts of the brain creates the image guided by suggestive elements.
I am short sighted, I wear glasses to drive or watch TV, the rest of the time I choose to live with the blur, rather than have my vision directed straight ahead, which is what glasses do. This may give me a head start in spotting images like this.

So relax your vision & stand back, don't try & see the image and let it jump out at you.

I have some others if interested.

Start here: I dislike this bus-stop poster in the extreme. It was the first in a line of 'dark' posters that started appearing a few months ago. The first time I drove past it I just thought "what the ...." and went back for another look with my camera.
Can you see it?
So far no one has got it without directions - but once they're shown it becomes easy to spot. Admittedly it's actual size is large and meant to be viewed from a car.

When I heard about the Easter Rock Concert in Wellington, I felt there was a link.
Will post another image tomorrow to help if you can't see it.